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Entry #7

Link Index (pt. 1)

2008-04-26 13:00:22 by NG-Library

NG BBS & Blog Stories
:P, by KemCab
2040, by KemCab
2062, by KemCab
2161, by KemCab
5 Kings, by Monocrom
A Political Anarchist in the PRC, by Sarai
A Sad, sad story...with sex, by navij11
A very ___ story, by Zephyrlot
All your fads into one story, by Complete
Another BBS Story, by HiniberusDelius
Backfire, by Boris-4-U
Band of Newgrounds, by Complete
Band of Newgrounds, Russia, by Complete
BBS Battle Royale, by Mast3rMind
BBS Battle Royale: Blood Alliances, by Mast3rMind
Choose your own epic adventure..., Sidorio
Choose your path, by FuckingGenius
City of the Dead, by LinkSilvermane
Civilian Precedence, by SardonicSamurai
Demodded, by Rague
Don't call it a fanciful tale, by BonusStage
Emitic, by Hycran
Escape, by e-lord
Evolution, by e-lord
Experiment 5HK275JMUS, by JadeTheAssassin
Eyes From Hell, by Senri
Fall of the Internet, by H-K-S
Famous Amos, by sonicmega
Fifth grade war, by El-Guapaduro
Food for Thought, by JackPhantasm
Fucked with a knife, by Earfetish
Gangs of Newgrounds, by MattTheParanoidKat
God wants me dead, by HOLY-FUCKING-SHIT
Going East, by Sarai
Gym Instructor in PRC, by Sarai
He heard a loud..., by Smizzoach
Hell on Earth, by sean5892
Her labia tear, by American-Chinker
Her weapon is not always a sword, by Sarai
I Just Got some Australian Bananas, by Scarab-Stalk33r
I was a Japanese Schoolgirl, by Shuko
In the stall, by Bolo
In the Urinal, by Bolo
Insanity!!!, by Frenzy
Just keep thinking, by BonusStage
Karl, by Bolo
Keeper of the Keys, by Tantalus
Legend of Crystal Flame, by DustinTheWind
Misunderstanding Antonio, by Hybrid-Of-Souls
Monocrom's Short Story Collection, by Monocrom
Moriah, by gumOnShoe
My sexy action packed BBS story, by Tantalus
My sickening story, revised, by Luxury-Yacht
My Super Sexy Story!, by Tramps
My zombie story, by AbsurdRandomness
Newgrounds: Civil War, by Complete
Newgrounds: The Great Hunt, by Complete
Newgrounds: The Play (part I), by Frenzy
Newgrounds: Under Fire, by Ghanden
Newgrounds: Under Fire 2, by Ghanden
NGFD, by Crue
Old Wesst, by M-to-the-C
Our Place, by Sarai
Please don't cry, by BonusStage
Ragnarok, by El-Duego
Rape story, by tribalfusion-x
Requiem for spilled blood, by BonusStage
Running Forever Blind, by Sarai
Saving Santa Claus, by Complete
Secret of the BBS, by BloodyFury
SevenSevenSeven, by Kurofelis
Sex Ed "Practical Exam", by Bolo
Sexing Pregnant Ryan, by Complete
Skeleton Gangrape (first six terms), by MickTheChampion
So, I got caught, by Xavon
So she kept crying, by BonusStage
T3h Three Pillars, by DarkNati0nX
Tales of NG, by DarkNati0nX
Teh Newgrounds Christmas Carol..., by Foggle
The 60 day ban of hell, by No-oneSpecial
The Arrest, by TheThing
The BBS, Like, 7 Months From Now, by CryogenChaos
The Bloodsoaked Wasteland, by kdfsjljklgjfg
The Chronicles: A Newb's Tale, by Canas
The Call To Arms, by 36Holla
The Chronicles: A.N.T, Tom's Tirade, by Canas
The Club, by Scarab-Stalk33r
The day a shark molested me..., by Tramps
The Fence, by Sidorio
The Great Conflict, by crazerfish50
The Great Newgrounds War, by BatDan
The MM, by tribalfusion-x
The Moon Viper's, by Sarai
The Newgrounds Civil War, by Kurofelis
The Newgrounds Story, by kylethexpostman
The Penis, by Shadow-XII
The Portal, by Dobio
The Second Robbery, by Hybrid-Of-Souls
The Shrine of the Flood, by Kurofelis
The son with Broken Eyes, by BonusStage
The Story of Mario, by Darknessium
The Sun always sets, by DemiousRising
The Terror, by Monocrom
Throw Away Your Kleenex, by Peaceblossom
Travels of 'slingers, by JadeTheAssassin
Vegeton's BBS Epic, by Vegeton
Walking with a Ghost, by Michael
Wanna Cyber?, by BlueFlameSkulls
When Chans Don't Attack, by Hybrid-Of-Souls
White Larynx, by Lost-Chances

NG Game Guides
Anika's Odyssey, by Hybrid-Of-Souls
BotArena3, by Darth-Chronus
BR's Climate Chaos, by TjA
Classroom 3, by Freelance-Magician
ClickDragType 2, by ornery-scotsman
Dad 'n' Me, by Zen-Zinxe
Dark Cut 2, by renzoljd
Defend Your Castle, by Newgrundling
Frank's Adventure 1, 2, 3, & 4, by M-to-the-C
Gateway, by mrazerty
Gateway II, by Hybrid-Of-Souls
Impossible Quiz, by evilman4321
Johnny Rocketfingers 2, by Kirk-Cocaine
Linion RPG, by (various users contributing)
Madness Interactive, by thecookiemonster
Mortal Kombat - KAF! V2!, by Hybrid-Of-Souls
NG Sim, by Afro-Ninja
Nightmare Escape, by AfroUnderscoreStud
Orbox B, by Funkchicken
Orgasm Girl, by Eternal-Darkness-666
Pandemic, by Dream-of-Duke
Pimp's Quest, by Lazy
Sinjid SOTW, by Veerwhil
Starcraft FA 3, by UberBarista
Stickman Sam Part 3, by HomerDough
Thing-Thing 2, by AlienGuy
Tri-achnid, by faceshed
Warbears, by Hybrid-Of-Souls
Warp Forest, by absent
Water Balloon, by shadowford
wpnFire, by AcidSoldier

*chan plans raid on Newgrounds BBS, by xero-bebop
A Warning To All Newgrounds Users, by SlipperyMooseCakes
Chan Raid on Pico Day, by SlipperyMooseCakes
Cheap NG Site Ripoff Scouring Time, by MindChamber
Check me out guyz, by theNGpro
CrimsonEdge, beard has been deleted, by Canas
Don't Tread on Me, Newgrounds, by wwwyzzerdd
(Earlier Modships) (look at absent's large first contribution)
Fight for Duck Rights!, by AbsintheClock
FOFL. Not ROFL, by Jelly-On-The-Telly
Get Angry!, by TomFulp
I Has Some 'splain To Do, by wwwyzzerdd
Jeff Weise, Red Lake High School, by Cyrus
Level 30?, by MissAllanPoe
Level Icons, by TomFulp
LiveCorpse Suicide, by TomFulp
Moderation, 9/11, and Wade's Wife, by Marcus
NG Audio! Go! Go!, by TomFulp
NG BBS Awards 2006 Results, by Dobio
OMG, BEND IS HERE!, by WadeFulp
Photo shop me, with 'cock in the top left corner' fad by Dusty-Gorilla
Photoshop This Man (*hes Got Soul*), by MRED
Purple Aura, by j00bie
So Sandy, by Luxury-Yacht
The Red Line, by HeRetiK
This is it., by sirtom93
Unicorns with Dicks for Horns, by Stamper

BBS helpful links & other rules
All You Need to Know for the PS3, by wwwyzzerdd
All you need to know for the PSP, by wwwyzzerdd
AS Basic Movement, by Denvish
Ask your FruityLoops questions here, by RageVI
BBS guide and more (step 3), by Hybrid-Of-Souls
Blank Post, by bigbadron
Computer Hospital, by deckheadtottie
Free web host list, by Red-Fruity-Loops
Guide to Bumping Topics, by Zerok
Guide: what is and what isn't spam?, by Zerok
How do I photoshop here?, by Ozcar
How to make a good BBS story, by Lost-Chances
I made <insert photo subj.> look..., by bigbadron
Ideas for Newgrounds' Evolution, by Denvish
Level FAQs and Calculations, by Newgrundling
NG BBS Houserules, by Rucklo
Parody Topics, by Maus
Photoshop help center, by Marsupial
Rage's gift to you: Abusive Reviews, by RageVI
Secret Service - Warning to all!, by WadeFulp
The BitTorrent Bible++, by Buddhist
The Master Club List, by Stuff4u2kno
Updated Art Forum Rules, by MindChamber
View movies/games bigger, by edit-undo
Whistle Points & Level FAQ, by Newgrundling

Ah'm fom Affikuh >:(, by Shadow-XII
Can't Lock This, by DrunkAlien
Don't go into the long grass!, by TheMaster
Don't Wake Daddy, by HotActionYiffFur
Error Message Generator, by BananaBreadMuffin
Fag Wreck!, by MattTheParanoidCat
First Post, by liljim, JohnnyUtah, bob, MindChamber, Mike, TomFulp, and Tim
Fuck you MySpace, by bigbadron
Fun scrabble with NG, by MadMax
Goooooooooooooood afternoon sir!, by life & WastedWizard
Hi, Barry Scott Here!, by Forgetfull
Hi! I'm McGruff On "cyberbullying", by SardonicSamurai
I'm 2 kewl 4 skool [proof], by esko-man
I broke the BBS..., by AshfordPride
I Have A Confession..., by Idiot-Finder
I sit down when I Pee, by MadCow, HappyBull, life, BonusStage, and Acid
I talked with Tom Fulp Himself!, by Dusty-Gorilla
Image Gallery, by poxpower
Kill the pig, by imacow
Level Nines' >:(, by Craven-Dick
Lol Jesus, by Matt1010
MS Paint your school pet peeves, by CheezNapkin
MS Paint X-men with useless powers, by Zen444
My cat is trying to kill me!, by Heinrich
My Gaia Character - The Player, by Milesaway13
My sister wants me..., by TheRevive
My teacher is naked on the internet, by Sidorio
Naruto is the stupidest shoe ever, by heyheydontgothere
NG's biggest topic, by Shrapnel
Parachat - Filled with Pedos, by Duffi
Picture of me in the shower, by VeinsOnFire
Post a picture of your k%3';{]2x;7s, by McPaper
Racist Site Regarding Santa?, by B-aSt-Ar-d
Real Lives (Filled With Lulz), by BlueFlameSkulls
Regarding my advertisement winnings, by RichieTheGhost
Rock beats everything, by DarkSytze
So, now mods are taking orders?, by Twone
The funniest image ever, by GoldenClock
The worst joke in the universe, by Hyperion
There's a lot of updog here, by Erathus
This is a guy! (pics), by itsflemz
T'ird, by life, MadCow, sketch0587, HappyBull, Acid, Static, Michael, and Aerosphere
Tom Fulp is ready for the redesign, by fuzzies
Warning: Mods At Work, by poxpower
Watch mightypotato Get Drunk!, by mightypotato
Well, I was at Best Buy.... by Purple-Slurpie
Why do women not need umbrellas?, by Bolo
Work Safe Porn Thread, by BlueFlameSkulls
Yo Saddam!, by wwwyzzerdd
You Landed On Chance, by wwwyzzerdd

Photoshop threads
A rock pigeon
Armor Games meets Newgrounds!
Ban Message
Bill Murray leaping
Fortune Cookie
Guy Getting Ambushed
John Goodman
King Leonidas
Little Punk
MAC error message
Mr. Bean
Ozcar (contest)
Photoshop Tennis
Scary Image
Spongebob Squarepants
The Person Falling Over
These Crazy Chicks
THIS guy
Tom Angry
Tom Jumping!!!
Wade's Dumb Face
What the Elven eyes see

Poems & Songs
2032, by BatDan
A poem about NG chat, by altr
A Spring Time Sonata, by Fullmetalhobo21
Carol of the bells, by Boris-4-U
Chips Don't Lie, by Bolo
Console War Pigs, by BatDan
Face to Face, by ArabFreak
Hey Dude You're Banned!, by Boris-4-U
I'm Wade Fulp and I'm lazy, by ArabFreak
Midna555's Lover, by AshfordPride
My Poem I Made For My Girlfriend, by Night-Mare
Newgrounds Christmas Carols #2, by Boris-4-U
Newgrounds Christmas Carols #3, by Boris-4-U
Newgrounds Christmas Carols #4, by Boris-4-U
Newgrounds Pie, by DustinTheWind
Newgrounds: The Musical, by StarF68
Newgroundsian Rhapsody, by Shuko
Parasitic Alien Zombie Skeleton, by CapnCrunchDaPimp
Posting Goatse, by BananaBreadMuffin
Public Masturbation, by SKS
Rest in Peace, by CapnCrunchDaPimp
Savage Night, by Sarai
The Green Fairy, by MickTheChampion
The mod, by BananaBreadMuffin
Three Short Poems, by Hybrid-Of-Souls
We Didn't Start This Website, by Boris-4-U
You are Bedn, by Shadow-XII

Famous/helpful Clubs & Crews
Amature Sig Makers, by isthatlegal
Anime Club, by LLStarks
Frenzy's New Club, by Frenzy
Metal Hell, by GoatChrist
NG Mafia, by Ghost
Newgrounds Sig Makers, by life
Photoshop Club, by Ammo
Review Request Club, by Freelance-Magician
Vampire Empire, by Gamehippy

Since there's now the Screenshot Archive, there's not much point in having this section anymore. However, you can still find the pictures I originally had here on the first page of that topic.

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